conference 2014 papers

symposium: action and learning in cities

Archipovaite 2014 ‘From the Studio to the field- Learning and Teaching in Context’ Department of Urban Design and Planning, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

d’Auria 2014 ‘From ‘Live’ Projects to ‘Lived’ Environments- ‘Practised’ Architecture and Design Scales in the Contested Territories of the Global South’ Department of Architecture, KU Leuven, Belgium: Department of Geography, Planning and International Development Studies, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

De Carli 2014 ‘Learning Amidst Urban Practices’ Architecture Sans Frontieres UK

symposium: building performance!

Gupta 2014 ‘Embedding Post-Occupancy Evaluation into Architectural Education- from Specialism to Mainstream’ Low Carbon Building Group, Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development, School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University

Sharpe 2104 ‘Making it Real- Engaging Students in Building Performance Research at the Mac’ Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art

Stevenson 2014 ‘Architecture of Consequence- A Methodology for ‘Live’ Building Performance Evaluation in the Studio’ Sheffield School of Architecture, University of Sheffield

symposium: context and design

Cognetti and Castelnuovo 2014 ‘Learning in Action- Mapping San Siro- an Exploration into City:University Collaboration’ Politecnico di Milano

Eckler 2014 ‘SOCIALForm- (re)Linking Architecture, Culture, and Environment’ Maywood University, Pennsylvania

Perold and Devisch 2014 ‘Sustainability and Difference in Suburban Cape Town’ Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa: Hasselt University Belgium

symposium: field work

Cheyne 2014 ‘Fieldwork- Uncovering Cultural Landscapes’ University of Brighton

Xu, Heath and Tang 2014 ‘Design with Life- Regeneration in Historic Spaces- Urban Design+Architecture Design Joint Studio Between Tianjin University (China) and University of Nottingham (UK)’ School of Architecture, Tianjin: Department of Architecture and Built Environment, University of Nottingham

symposium: going live- reconciling experiential learning practices with community expectation

Gabbard 2014 ‘the Eureka Project- Analyzing a Tripartite Model for Collaboration’ Kansas State University

Kingery-Page and Alexander 2014 ‘The Learning Garden- Arguing for Schoolyard Change in a Zero-funding Environment’ Kansas State University

Wrightsman 2014 ‘Hyalite Pavilion-Calibrating Teaching to Achieve Community Effectiveness’ Kansas State University

symposium: making as a live process

Hailey, McGlothlin and Walters 2014 ‘The Mock-Up as a Living Tool in Design Pedagogy’ University of Florida

symposium: participatory approaches

Messer 2014 ‘Embedded- Participatory Research Techniques in Problem-Setting:Brief-Writing for Deisgn Projects and the role of Exhibition in Community Feedback’ Northumbria University

Wlodarczyk 2014 ‘Participative Process in Rural Public Space Planning as a Pattern for Living and Learning’ University of Applied Sciences, Nysa, Poland

symposium: rethinking architectural education

Denicke-Polcher, Jessen, Khonsari, Markey, Mitchell and Tang 2014 ‘Rethinking Architectural Education- the New EU Directive and the Role of Live Projects (4 papers)’ The Cass School of Architecture, London Metropolitan University

symposium: taxonomy of live projects

Anderson 2014 ‘Woodland Creatures and Fabrication Wizards. Resources, Product, Context and Motivation observed in a Taxonomy of Live Projects’ Oxford Brookes University

Burch, Daniels, Marco and Sara ‘A Taxonomy of Live Projects and Ethical Implications of the University as a Creative Host to Architectural Agency- Summary Paper’ The University of the West of England

symposium: tools to understand design

Murphy and Hughes 2014 ”And…Action!’ Keeping it Real in Dublin’s Suburbs’ School of Architecture, University College Dublin

Pelayo 2014 ‘Drawing is Alive- The Observer’s Momentum’ Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade do Porto: i2ads- Instituto de Investigacao em Arte Design e Sociedade

magic moments

Shechter and Pestana 2014 ‘Engage’ Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London

Ramsay 2014 ‘SA to the Power 3- Khomotso Creche, South Africa’ University of Nottingham

Maloney 2014 ‘Self-organising networks and decentralised knowledge exchange- How UK Architecture students are 30 years ahead of the ‘Occupy Movement” ReForm Architects

Lovett, Morrow and McClean 2014 ‘Architecture as Pedagogy- Alive and Kicking’ integratEd workshop; Queen’s University, Belfast: Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

Lovett 2014 ‘Reflections on… Reflections on Architectural Education’ integratEd workshop, University of Sheffield

Farrow 2014 ‘Baby steps- Architecture without Stabilisers’ Nottingham Trent University

Elliot, MacKinnon and Roberts 2014 ‘Authenticity and Engagement in Architectural Education’ Northumbria University

Danker 2014 ‘A Student Perspective on Self-Initiating Design-Build’ Northumbria University

Andrews, Wakefield, Goodman, Travers and Walker 2014 ‘Real ‘Live’ Architectural Projects at the University of Portsmouth’ University of Portsmouth/The Project Office

Al-Haroun 2014 ‘Beyond Research’ Abdellatif 2014 ‘Visual Tools as Enhancers to a Creative Building Process with the Community- A New Visual Live Architectural Education Approach’  University of Sheffield

reading groups

Bassanese and Rodeghiero 2014 ‘Affective Experience in Space- A Case Study for Systems Thinking in Architecture’ The Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen; Escola Tecnica Superior d’Arquitecture, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona

Columbano 2014 ‘The Studio and the Architect- the Post-Studio and the Artist’ Denicke-Polcher and Khonsari 2014 ‘Architecture of Multiple Authorship’ Birmingham School of Architecture, Birmingham City University

Denicke-Polcher and Khonsari 2014 ‘Architecture of Multiple Authorship’ The Cass School of Architecture, London Metropolitan University

Doron 2014 ‘S(q)woting Between Academic and Pratice’ Garrison 2014 ‘The Meaning of Small Scale’ SWOT(studio) Birmingham School of Architecture

Garrison 2014 ‘The Meaning of Small Scale’ Maywood University, Pennsylvania

Griffin 2014 ‘Using Geocaching as a Teaching Tool with Student Architects’ University of Huddersfield

Hailey 2014 ‘Reflective Building- Feedback from Living and Working within Design:Build Pedagogy’ University of Florida

Hill 2014 ‘The Real Deal- Case Studies in Alternative Teaching Strategies’ Department of Architecture, University of Strathclyde

Linsell 2014 ‘Learning from the Medics- Professionalism and Ethical Implications of Practicing on the Poor’ University of Nottingham

McGlothlin and Waters 2014 ‘Ends and means- Inquiries into the Role of the Solar Decathlon in Architectural Education’ University of Florida

Miller 2014 ‘Habits of Mind and the Iterative’ Iowa State University

Morton 2014 ‘Visualising the Unbuilt- Design Investigation in Architectural Pedagogy’ Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Northumbria University

Olweny et al 2014 ‘To Build or Not to Build- Going Live is (Not) Just Being Practical!’ Uganda Martyrs University

Onyegiri, Okofu and Chinedu 2014 ‘The Value of Architecture Education in Nigeria- Students’ Expectations in Six Schools of Architecture in South-East Nigeria’ Imo State University, Owerri, Nigeria: University of Sheffield, UK; Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria

Papaefthimiou 2014 ‘Night at the Museum- Battle for the future of Architecture’ University für angewandte Kunst-  Architekten am Graben, Vienna

Ren 2014 ‘Translating Vernacular Hybridity into a Living Matrix- Reflections on the Production and Occupation of a School Building’ University of Sheffield

Salama 2014 ”Liveness’ Beyond Design Studio Pedagogy- Layers of ‘Live’ Within and Across the Boundaries of Classroom Settings’ Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Qatar University, Dohar

Salheen, Abdellatif and Keleg 2014 ‘What to Take and What to Leave? Balancing Between Experimentation and Responsibility in Live Projects’ Ain Shams University, Cairo

Soane 20114 ‘Education in Practice’ Project Orange Architects

Stott and Warren 2014 ‘The BEAM Project- Real Life Complexity in a Design Studio Context’ Leeds Beckett University

Vandenhende and Leuven 2014 ‘Strategies for Teaching Awareness of the Built Environment or Landscape’ KU Leuven

Vanner and Wood 2014 ‘Old Building Technologies for 21st Century Architectural Technology Students’ University of Central Lancashire

Walters and McGlothlin 2014 ‘Dead Letter Office’ University of Florida

Wight 2014 ‘Enabling Professional Self Design- Educating for Praxis:Ethos:Poiesis’ Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba

 art pieces

Anderson 2014 ‘Live Fortune Telling’ Oxford Brookes University

Dell, Kniess, Michaelis and Pohl 2014 ‘The Neighbourhoods University- Programme, Action and Form as a reiprocally dynamic process of an educational urban one to one Model’ Faculty of Urban Design, HafenCity University, Hamburg

Morrow 2014 ‘5 ways to say your prayers’ Queens University, Belfast


Benedict Brown 2014 ‘Build it with your eyes closed’ Norwich University of the Arts

Care, Butterworth and Christofidou 2014 ‘Spotter’s Guide to Sheffield’s City Centre Architecture’ University of Sheffield

Fleck and Farrow 2014 ‘Inclusive Design- A lasting Paralympic Legacy’ Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Unit: Office for Disability Issues, Nottingham Trent University

SSoA 2014 ‘Dear Sheffield- One postcard from Sheffield for each of teh Sheffield Society of Architects’ 125 years’ University of Sheffield

Turner ‘TRADA Workshop- Judging Velocity’ Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA)

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