aae has a significant value for both academics and practitioners.  It is an excellent platform that offers a dialogic approach characterized by debating student –centered learning processes that take them out of the boundaries of the learning setting into the real world.  It discourses well-grounded pedagogical practices aimed at interrogating difficult questions on social and environmental issues. More important, it brings research on architectural education out of its marginalized position in the academia to the forefront of mainstream academic and professional debates on its evolution, essence, and future.  I am pleased to see aae flourishing with wider national and global reach in a short period of time.”

Professor Ashraf M. Salama, FHEA, FRSA, A-RIBA, Head of the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, University of Strathclyde


“The association of architectural educators is a vital force, nationally and internationally, for developing good, sustainable architectures which meet the needs of others. It plays a key role in  providing a wide forum with multiple platforms for discussing critical issues of the day as well as promoting best practice. As a growing community, it has filled an important gap in the pedagogical discourse by providing a welcoming home in the UK for all who are interested in the future of architectural education.”

Professor Fionn Stevenson, Head of Architecture, Sheffield School of Architecture


“The association of architectural educators performs a very important role in serving to strengthen and expand the community of practice for those engaged in the subject of architecture, and in making the space for sharing and critically discussing ideas and perspectives. Its presence as an inclusive forum that fosters the engagement, communication, and collaboration of educators across the UK and internationally, is of enormous value.”

Professor David McClean, Head of Scott Sutherland School of Architecture, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen


“Many architects move into academia because of their love of teaching. aae gives a particular voice to the core practice of studio teaching and pedagogical-based research and forms an important complement to the existing landscape of architectural research in its widest form.”

Chris Platt, Head of the Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow


“I really welcome the formation of aae. Architectural education has lingered for too long as a set of received practices, and it is important to have bottom-up moments like aae which open the processes up to critical and constructive discourse.”

Professor Jeremy Till, Head of Central Saint Martins, Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of the Arts London


“The association of architectural educators plays a significant role in the architectural community, bringing together as it does committed and passionate individuals and groups. The aae has already achieved much in its short history, producing conferences and publications of high quality and with notable and esteemed participants and writers/makers. It is open and inclusive, inviting those with diverse interests and predilections to come together to establish a common. Long may it flourish!”

Professor Oren Lieberman, Dean of Faculty – Art, Design & Architecture, Arts University Bournemouth


The association of architectural educators has become a critical platform that allows an open dialog about the future of the architectural education. It helps those starting in the architectural research community to have the confidence to present and publish within a supportive community of educators with a wide range of interests, which makes the outputs novel, rich and distinctive.

Elena Marco, Head of Department of Architecture and the Built Environment, University of the West of England


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