conference 2013 papers

beginning design

Balmer and Swisher ‘Fundamentals of the Foundation: Sustaining the Basics’ University of North Carolina – Charlotte

Eckler and Garrison ‘Making and Inquiry: Cultivating Process in the Beginning Design Student’ Marywood University USA

Roe and Wu ‘Simulation in Architectural Design Education: Report on and assessment of an integral approach within the Design Studio’ Feng Chia University Taiwan


Como and Epolito ‘Looking to Otherness for a collaborative learning experience’ University of Salerno (Italy) /Manchester School of Architecture (U.K.)

McGlothlin ‘Roark’s Shadow: Between Defiance and Docility’ University of Florida

Tyrrell and Crowson ‘The Emergent Studio: a Paradigm of Transcultural Design and Research’ University of Portsmouth

drawing and representation

Abell ‘Hand Crafting Computational Design Thinking in Basic Design Studios’ Washington State University

Belton ‘Translations from Drawing to Seeing’ University of Florida

Bentley and Sabbagh ‘The Value of a 6B Pencil Sketch’ Abu Dhabi University UAE

Burch ‘The unstable currency of architectural drawing’ University of the West of England

Goffi and Lepage ‘Drawing thinking: a lost currency?’ Carleton University Ottawa

Kelly  ‘Representing imports’ University of Nebraska

Temple ‘Deisgn Decision Making as Effected by Differing Models of Human Perception‘ University of Texas

integration of technology

Assis Rosa ‘Technology as a Creative Process’ Oxford Brookes University

Jaradat ‘Educating the next generation of architects for interdisciplinary BIM environments‘ University of Reading

Masdeu ‘Re Conceptualizing the Design Studio: Blending Academia and Architectural Practice’ Ramon Llull University, Barcelona


Baudoin and Johnson ‘Studio LAB: Direct Experimentation Towards Focused Innovation’ University of Kansas

LaSala ‘Poiesis- The Missing Hyphen Between the What and How of Architecture’ University of Louisiana

Walters ‘Detours and Denouements’ University of Florida

live projects

Bradbury and Papaefthimiou ‘Live projects don’t work- So why bother’ Plymouth University

Brown ‘An output of value- exploring the role of the live project as a pedagogical social and cultural bureau de change’ Norwich University of the Arts (withdrawn from proceedings pending publication)

Butterworth ‘A Live Currency- Introducing the SSoA Live Proejcts Handbook’ University of Sheffield

live projects and collaboration

Anderson ‘Undercurrent-swimming away from the design studio’ Oxford Brookes University

Marco, Devereux and Comparelli ‘Crafting the Collaborative Studio’ University of the West of England

professional practice

Giddings ‘Design Studio and the Potential Renaissance of Contextual Buildings’ Northumbria University

Hoag and Smit ‘Making Arguments in Practice and in Studio’ Kansas State University

Morton ‘Learning outside the Lecture Space’ Northumbria University

studio: approaches

Gatley, Barrie, Rieger and Treadwell ‘Four-in-one: A Democratic Approach to Diversifying First-Year Design’ University of Auckland

Ghaziani, Montazami and Bufton ‘Architectural Design Pedagogy: Improving Student Learning Outcomes’ Coventry University

Hambright-Belue ‘Avoiding Seamlessness’ Clemson University, South Carolina

Heuvel ‘Architecture as Cabaret: From Genius Loci to Locus Genii’ Nottingham Trent University

Holm ‘Air-Rights’ University of Dundee

Huang ‘Finding Value in Material Investigations and Innovations’ University of Florida

Olweny ‘Socialisation in Architectural Education’ Cardiff University

Papaefthimiou ‘Dialectical Currencies Between Architectural and Theatre Pedagogy: Establishing Dialogical Learning in an Internationalized Environment’ University of Plymouth

Silvestre and Cash ‘The (re)Currency of what Remains Unchanged’ Oxford Brookes University

Tumusiime ‘Learning in architecture: Students’ perceptions of the architecture studio’ Uganda Martyrs University, Uganda

Bar-Eli ‘On Beginnings in Design Studio Teaching a Poetic Approach’ Holon Institute of Technology, Israel

Williams ‘The design studio as liminal space’ University of Westminster

studio: the site

Gao ‘Designing within a Different Culture: The case for designing overseas projects and field studies in a school of architecture’ University of Huddersfield

Meddings ‘Discovering Place’ University of Huddersfield

Reno ‘Common Currency between Water and Cities: Architectural Education in the Era of Climate Change’ Savannah College of Art and Design

studio: theory

Holgate and Sara ‘Towards a Teaching commons for Architecture: the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Architectural Education’ Northumbria University and University of the West of England

Marie and Grindle ‘How Design Reviews work in Architecture and Fine Art: A comparative study’ University College London

Melissinopoulos ‘From Pedagogy to Didactics: Clarifying the Discussion on Architectural Education’ University of Edinburgh

Sidawi ‘Rethinking Architectural education: a focus on creativity’ University of Dammam

Smith ‘Demystifying the SCI-Arc Design Studio 1972-1976’ University of Michigan

virtual design studio

Armstrong and Vanner ‘#Twittercritter: Extending the Reach of Studio’ University of Central Lancashire

Evans ‘The Imperative of the Metastudio’ University of Huddersfield

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