Charrette 4(2)

Volume 4, Issue 2 –Global Practices, Transnational Pedagogies, guest edited by Mónica Pacheco.

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Open Access Editorial: Global Practices, Transnational Pedagogies
pp. 1-12(12)
Author: Pacheco, Mónica

uKuhumusha: From ‘Here’ to ‘There’ – Transplanting the Unit System from Europe to Africa (and back again)
pp. 13-26(14)
Author: Lokko, Lesley

Learning from Elite Higher Education Institutions for Architecture: alternative practices as beta elite
pp. 27-39(13)
Author: Shatarova, Rosina

Against a pedagogical colonization: the case of the School of Architecture at the University of Costa Rica
pp. 40-58(19)
Author: Solano-Meza, Natalia

A Ground between Beaux-Arts, Modernism, and Chineseness: Tracing Modernities in China’s Architectural Education and Practice, 1919-1949
pp. 59-71(13)
Author: Chang, Chin-Wei

Foundations: Architectural Education in an Intercultural World
pp. 72-88(17)
Authors: De Guereñu, Laura Martínez; Castillo, José Vela; Erdim, Firat; Valentine, Olivia

[Small Scale] Senior Housing [in Suzhou]
pp. 89-96(8)
Author: Muynck, Bert de

Educating architects in environmental design: pedagogical strategies to enable the ‘grasping of the unfamiliar’
pp. 97-111(15)
Author: O’Dwyer, Sarah

From first-aid to second thoughts: design teaching views on informal neighborhoods
pp. 112-122(11)
Author: Lassance, Guilherme

Book review: Kahn at Penn: Transformative Teacher of Architecture
pp. 119-121(3)
Author: Brown, James Benedict

Obituary: Thomas A. Dutton – Not a Departure but a Legacy of Dialogic Learning in Architecture
pp. 122-127(6)
Author: Salama, Ashraf M.

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