Charrette 3(1)

Volume 3, Issue 1 – Shaping Architectural Education in Scotland

To read the whole issue, visit our publishing partner Ingenta Connect.



Shaping the Future of Architectural Education in Scotland (PDF)

Andrew Agapiou


Tales and tools: the Design Studio Brief in Architecture’s expanded field (PDF)

Suzanne Ewing

Maintaining Access to Architecture: A Scottish Perspective (PDF)

David McClean, Neil Lamb and Libby Curtis

Civic Fabrication: Social Responsibility in the Architecture Studio (PDF)

Alex MacLaren

‘The stalest windbag’? Teaching by the ‘Year System’ at the Mackintosh (PDF)

Johnny Rodger


CareSpace: A Dundee Agenda (PDF)

Neil Verow

Contextual Explorations Through the City: Short Stories from the Architectural Design Studio (PDF)

Derek Hill

Explorations in Urban Resilience for a Post-Hydrocarbon Economy (PDF)

David McClean, Raju David and Gokay Deveci

Think not what the Student can do for the Practice (PDF)

Chris Stewart


HappyThink.Inc (PDF)

Jonathan Charley




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