Charrette 2(1)

Charrette 2(1) was published in Autumn 2015. It features articles developed from papers given at  ‘Living and Learning’, the second International conference of the aae.


Editorial (PDF)

Rosie Parnell


From the Studio into the Field – ‘Slow’ Learning and Teaching in Context (PDF)

Elena Archipovaite

Architecture Live Projects – managing emergent ambiguities in risk management and ambiguity tolerance (PDF)

Harriet Harriss

Dead Letter Office (PDF)

Bradley Walters & Mark McGlothlin

Learning amidst urban practices: reflections on Architecture Sans Frontières (PDF)

Beatrice De Carli & Melissa Kinnear


‘And … Action!’ Keeping it Real in Dublin’s Suburbs: The use of moving image in the architectural design process (PDF)

Orla Murphy & Fiona Hughes

The Studio, the Architect, the Post-Studio, and the Artist (PDF)

Alessandro Columbano

S[q]WOTting Between Academia and Practice (PDF)

Holly Rose Doron

Inclusive Design – a lasting Paralympic Legacy? Embedding inclusive design knowledge and skills into architectural education (PDF)

Julie Fleck

From ‘live projects’ to ‘lived-in’ environments: learning from six decades of re-design in Tema Manhean, Ghana (PDF)

Viviana D’Auria


LIVENESS and the forms of architectural practice (PDF)

Neelkanth Chhaya

In memoriam: Dalibor Veselý (PDF)

Helen Mallinson

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